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halloween idea. [Jul. 6th, 2009|04:45 am]
[Current Music |trash the rental-crystal castles]

So i know its early, but i have been thinking about what i want to be for halloween this year. halloween is kindof a big deal for me, so i want it to be good. i seem to go with movie themes (example- last years paulie bleeker costume. which i need to post pictures of)

this years theme will be...

THE LIFE AQUATIC!!! now i am a huge wes anderson fan and it should probably be said that my favorite of his movies is definitely the Royal Tenenbaums, but after much deliberation i came to the conclusion that all of the characters from that movie have such unique hair that it becomes hard to pull off their look well. Also, I would probably want to be Richie it that becomes rather difficult trying to find all of that Björn Borg gear. Maybe one day.

So I think a crew member on the Belafonte would be much more successful, therefore more fun.

Here is an example of how the crew looks.

while i would love to sport the lederhosen that the kid is wearing, haha, i am going to try to do an interpretation on the steve zissou uniform.

As i was searching on the internet for ideas, i found that obviously this costume has been done before so there are many resources that are extremely convenient.

The hat is pretty simple. They sell exact versions of the stoplight had on amazon. So hat...check!

Now the shirt is a little more difficult, but i think i have come up with a pretty good solution. The style of the shirts above is very 70's. (much like a lot of wes anderson costumes.) For that i turned to that sometimes controversial, always obscene...american apparel.

This shirt has that same 70s leisure feel as the same shirts from above. Now it isn't a full button down and it doesn't have epaulets or the darker blue details, but i am willing to work with it. I don't think it would be that hard to sew on darker stripes down the arms and a darker placket over the existing one. A lot of the characters in the movie have their own take on the uniform (i.e. the red turban and the austrian guys turtle neck and short shorts.) The leisure polo version of their leisure shirts will be my take on the uniform.

To make the shirt even more similar, i wanted to incorporate the details the best i could. i like the lighter thread on the dark stripes so thats one detail that i would include as i sew on the darker stripes and the placket. Also i think the patches on their left pocket is pretty crucial. i've seen some pretty shitty ones in flickr and such. like ones made out of paper. really? so i did some research to see if they make real patches and sure enough they do! In fact they make multiples to choose from.

these are all great choices. i will probably go with the last one because it looks like the one in the movie still above. it looks like it will be perfect for a chest pocket and with that i think the shirt will look pretty good. shirt...check!

there are many options for the leg covering. i thought about getting pants and putting the navy stripe down the side...but they haven't made light blue dress pants since the 70's (even AA) and i would want them to match the polo. i sorta wanted to continue with last year's theme of the short shorts because they are an attention getter. also it would be authentic to the movie due to the austrian guy. and above all short shorts seem to be sorta boat appropriate. so i am going with these...

(excuse the mostly naked dude)
these would be pretty perfect. for one they would match the polo because they are both from american apparel and they also have that height that is just offensive enough lol. i'm also thinking of putting a stripe down the side and maybe even the horizontal patch on the left side? i don't know yet. i'm sort of afraid that it may look a little too flamboyant and it will be super cold but either way, shorts...check!

the biggest problem of the whole costume is definitely the shoes.
life-aquatic-with-steve-zissou-bill.jpg picture by Komradetraubensaft

the actual shoes from the movie as shown above were made specifically for the movie by adidas and therefore don't actually exist. major bummer. there are some rather crafty alternatives however. the style of the particular shoe is pretty basic when it comes to 70s adidas shoes. i found a pair that look pretty similiar and even come in blue!

adidas Originals Men's Italia 74 Training Shoe
they aren't that expensive ($49!!!) which is a plus and i have been needing new tennis shoes for a while. The only modifications would obviously be the center stripe being painted light blue and the laces being switched out for yellow ones. it sounds pretty sketchy and there is a possibility that they might come out looking kind of shitty but  i actually found someone on flickr who did exactly what i want to do and they turned out pretty awesome.

now if there was some way that i could get the italia off that would be awesome, but the movie was actually filmed in italy so it kinda fits. : ) shoes...check!

the last couple details that i would add would maybe be a pair of aviators and maybe a gun holster?
Firepower® Tactical Leg Holster Right Handed
i think it could complete the look nicely.

well thats it. its kind of complicated but i think in the end this would turn out to be a great costume.


[User Picture]From: peachychalet
2009-10-19 03:17 am (UTC)
So, you posted this a long time ago. Are you still gonna do it?

I'm either going to be a gothic Alice in Wonderland or a Zombie flapper. What do you think?
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